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Welcome to 'The Dawn is Breaking' a Twilight Saga fansite. This site is brand new, and things are still being updated. I will add as much as a I can to the site over the Christmas Break.

The site will feature things such as, book information, information on the movies, Galleries of Photos, Character bio's, Book Summary's and much more.

This Site Opened: 12/19/08


Update 12/19/08 3:33 PM
The sites reveal to the world! There's still a lot missing, and so much that needs to be thought out, but I hope you like the start I've made. Check back for more updates!

Disclaimer: The Twilight Saga (c) and all it's contents belong to Stephanie Meyer and Little, Brown. I own nothing, except the site but all it's contents belong to it's rightful owners. All FanArt, FanFiction and Fan Costuming was used with permission.